When we use a bar of soap, we always end up with one or two little slivers that just kind of hang around or get mushed or even get thrown out.  


Here is the solution. These little soap sacks are fabulous for putting the little bits and pieces into. The bonus is that it acts like a scrubbie and you get all the natural, handmade soap goodness that you love. Use it to the last layer and keep yourself nice and clean.


The cording is satiny, and the little knot comes undone easily to add more slivers as you use up your soap bars. Hang from the included suction cup hook so that it dries out between uses. The bag is approximately 4x5.


The listing is for one soap sack with a few bits of soap already loaded for you and the suction cup hook.  

Soap Scrubbie Sack with Suction Cup Hook

  • If there is a problem with your order, please contact me to resolve the issue.  Soaps and body products are not eligible for returns.