A natural, green living alternative to chemical tooth paste and polish is one of the best options for natural oral care. This two ounce jar is the ticket to good oral health! The powder will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean and your teeth will feel so smooth. It's an excellent whitener/cleanser and helps improve gum sensitivity. It is alkalizing, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. All natural scrubbing agents helps remove tartar, plaque and stains for whiter teeth.


I have a special ingredient in my tooth powder – Horsetail! I harvest it myself from our property so I know exactly where it comes from. Horsetail is rich in natural silica which cleans and polishes teeth. Also, the Essential Oil of Peppermint has been added to really make your mouth feel clean.


Store bought toothpastes can be full of unhealthy fluoride, additives and other chemicals. This powder has no fluoride, glycerin, preservatives or artificial ingredients. It does have plenty of naturally occurring trace minerals to make your teeth strong. It is excellent for healthy gums, fights the bacteria that cause bad breath, whitens teeth, and so much more.


Just sprinkle a little on your wet brush, or dip the brush into the powder and brush your teeth. Some people like to mix with a little coconut oil to brush - the choice is yours. Brush as normal, spit and rinse! The ingredients are all food grade, if you swallow the paste from the brush, it will not harm you. 


Non-aluminum baking soda, calcium bentonite clay, powdered horsetail (Equisetum arvense), myrrh gum powder, sea salt and Peppermint Essential Oil.  

Your Tooth Powder will be made-to-order and mailed within 1-3 business days. It is packed by weight, not volume. This listing is for one (1) two ounce container of tooth powder.

Handmade Tooth Powder and Toothpaste Alternative

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