Submerging our bodies in a warm bath with natural salts is restorative and beneficial for both mind and body.  it is reputed that bathing in warm salt water for 10 minutes can reduce fatigue, stress, and pain and increase feelings of contentment and emotional health.  

These lovely bath salts are a combination of Epsom Salts and Pink Himalayan Salt.  Epsom salt is not technically a salt but a naturally occuring mineral compound of magnesium, sulfur and oxygen.  Magnesium is easily absorbed through the skin and plays an important role in our body's well being.  Advocates say that Himalayan salt is able to generate negative ions in the air, creating the type of calming effect many people experience on a saltwater beach.

Coming up Roses contains rose and calendula flowers and petals.  The natural oils found in roses help retain moisture in the skin.  Known as a powerful mood enhancer, adding rose petals to a warm bath will help you get rid of feelings of anxiety.  Calendula contains anti inflammatory properties and soothes skin.

Dreamy contains lavender and chamomile flowers.  Lavender is incredibly relaxing and is a great essential oil to use at the end of the day to help you relax and unwind. It can help promote proper sleep patterns and help you to shake off the day so your mind and body can relax.  Chamomile is a traditional relaxer and very soothing for both mind and body.

This listing is for one 6 ounce jar of bath salts with a reusable organza bag and scoop.  After your soak, rinse the bag out and hang to dry.

Epsom and Pink Bath Salts

  • All soaks are made by myself in small batches to ensure that you are getting a premium product.

    This listing is for one 6 ounce jar