Why it matters

My soaping journey began with skin. Specifically my very sensitive skin and hubby’s extremely dry skin.

I could not take a shower without allergy pills. Virtually anything I used in the shower would cause hives and I dreaded it. I tried everything from “gentle” body wash to using only hair conditioner. At one point we even explored if I was allergic to water (Aquagenic urticarial). On the other hand my hubby could use anything on his body, but his skin was a dry and flaky mess. It hurt me just to look at him.

So I started exploring. What exactly is in my soap, lotion, hair and body wash? Why is my hubby so flaky? Why do I get hives every time I look at soap? If it is screwing up our skin, what exactly are we doing to our environment? And the AH HA moment came when I remembered a class I took. I have studied herbalism and in one class we made a natural soap. And I remembered that I loved it. I didn’t hurt and my skin was clean and soft.

This is why soaps and natural products matter to me. If I KNOW the ingredients and if I can pronounce them, then I feel better about what goes on my body. I am comfortable using 100% cotton flannel rather than a rayon synthetic washcloth. I can use a soap that nurtures my skin with a little extra oil. And I love that hubby’s skin does not flake off any more.

Everything that I create here at The Emporium is designed to have a minimal impact on our world. Natural and reusable items are created with an eye to use, longevity and convenience. I take pride in everything I make.

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