Why I don't make soap that looks like food

I am sure you all have seen it - soap that looks like cookies or cinnamon rolls or pie. Are they cute? Yep. Do I make those types? Nope. Here's the thing - I don't get it. I mean, WHY? Why make a soap that looks like it should be eaten?

Say it's Thanksgiving day. You gotta use the restroom. You finish your business and go to wash your hands at the sink. There is a piece of pie, or is it soap that looks like pie? Should I use this lovely creation to wash my hands? Will it get ruined if I use it? I don't want to use the soap because it is too pretty. What if the hostess gets mad because I just used her expensive, decorative soap on my hands? I may never be invited back because I used the "good" soap!

In my opinion, there are so many techniques to make spectacular looking soap with different colors and swirls. I don't want my friends and neighbors to be afraid of using my soap. So I make an abundance of pretty soaps with lots of colors and swirls. It looks like a bar of soap and it is obviously meant to be used.

Till next time

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