Social Distancing

OK. I get it. And I understand it. But I DON'T LIKE IT.

I am a hugger by nature. I need to hug my friends and family. The physical contact with others is what I am missing. Yes, I can pick up the phone and talk. But I can't hug my daughter. I can't go hug my friend. I know I am lucky to have my husband and my pups for company around the house. But I am starting to go a little nutty.

I have a compromised immune system and my husband has lung issues. So we have each other for company. I get to yell at my neighbors to see how they are doing. No one has been around us as we have isolated ourselves at this time.

So I need to change my attitude. I am grateful that we are healthy enough to be able to stay in our home. I am happy that we have each other. I am thankful for Netflix. We have food and water and heat.

So consider yourself hugged by me and keep your chin up. We will get through this.

Till next time

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