Soap Samples

Whenever soapers make soap, we always have the end cuts - slices that come from each end of the loaf. Perfectly usable and acceptable soap. I like offering the soap samples as it gives you the chance to try a few different scents and ingredients. And I hate to see anything go to waste!

I could grate it all up to use as laundry soap, but because I superfat my soaps they would have too much oil in them for a good clean laundry. So I make a seperate batch of soap for laundry duty. See a previous blog about superfat!

I hope you are all staying safe and sane in these times. I know we all go a little stir crazy! But lucky for you, when I get bored, I make things. Like soap, pillowcases, masks, tins and anything else that catches my fancy.

Till next time

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