As most of you know, I live in Idaho, Boise to be exact. I was born here and have spent most of my life here. And I love it. It is home to me and this area feeds my soul.

My hubby and I have worked hard and have been very lucky in our lives. 29 years this August! Anyway, to make a really long story short, we ended up buying the family cabin over 20 years ago. We have been staying there since Covid came to us. We come down once a week to put out trash and pick up food.

We have a small shower in the cabin – that’s important to me. Even better, we have tremendous water pressure. And even better than that, we have an old shower head. There is no restrictor in the thing. You get in first, close the door and pull the knob. The water roars out really cold for a second before warming up. That first blast will literally take the dirt and your breath away! Seriously, it is like a wall of water coming at you and it feels so good!

It’s a cabin, we don’t have air conditioning. We get hot up there. And after a hot and sweaty day of playing/working, getting in that shower and having the sweat blasted off by cool water is something we look forward to. Afterwards, you head out to the back porch in your shorts and dry off in the shade on the lounge chair. I always have an adult beverage about that time!

So here’s to a wonderful shower head that will blast the dirt and sweat right off your body. And the good old days, when all showers were like that.

Till next time

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