I love to Superfat!

In my last post I made the following statement: “My natural handmade soap has extra oils left in to nurture your skin…”

Ok – what exactly does this mean? Soap makers call this superfat, as in superfatting a soap recipe. In essence, I am putting in more oils and butters than the lye can saponify. The oils are not saponified because there is not enough lye in the recipe to make all the oils turn into soap. The oil is “floating” between the soap molecules. When you use the soap, it not only cleans your skin and hair, but leaves a small amount of oil to moisturize.

When I calculate a recipe, my superfat stays at 5%. That seems to be the gold standard for me. Enough to moisturize and make your skin and hair awesome. Not so much that you end up feeling slimy or oily.

That is why my handmade soap does not leave your skin and hair dry, scaly or tight. The little extra oil I add is the conditioning agent that leaves your skin supple and smooth.

Till next time

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