As you all know, I make soap and body products. But my focus has shifted just a bit. I am still advocating that you take care of your skin and body, but now we are doing it from a distance and with masks on. And that is where my focus has gone - to the masks.

Because I have been sewing for a lot of years, I answered the call to start making masks for those on the front lines. And here is the thing, I started making masks and my neighbors started asking for them. You see, I live in a neighborhood that has at risk people - 55 and older. The average age in my area is 82. So I have been flinging them all over my neighborhood, even before the powers that be said to wear a mask.

Then, friends and family started calling. And I can't say no. As person with a compromised immune system who lives with a husband who has horrid lungs, I understand the need and want for a mask. So I am sewing and shipping and sewing and shipping as fast as I can, while still remaining in isolation.

The struggle came when people wanted to pay me. When I started making the masks, I would not accept payments. But when I joined the Treasure Valley Medical Mask Facebook group, I came up with a solution to help all. I am charging $5 a mask, with 50% of the donations going to FB group fundraiser so they can buy supplies. And I can buy more fabric, needles, rotary cutters and the other stuff that goes into masks with the other 50%. I am not listing the masks on the website. I don't want to make a profit on a pandemic. So if you want a mask, you can go to my Dusty Rose Emporium Facebook Page (see link up above). Fill out the information and I will send you masks.

Meanwhile, soap and water will kill the virus so wash your hands, wear a mask, don't touch your face and know that we will get through this.

Till next time

This is my son and daughter in law wearing the fitted masks!

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