Face Cloths

I once asked a lady what her secret was regarding her gorgeous skin. Her respoonse made so much sense that years later, I am still practicing what she said. Her secret was to never use anything but cloth on her face. Basically, no paper products. Ever. And that discussion got me thinking about the items we use on our delicate facial skin.

I make 100% cotton flannel face cloths are great for removing makeup, applying facial toner, oil cleansing and anything else you would use a small pad for. As you use and wash these squares, they become softer and more fluffy. Since that conversation, I have used these small cloths for everything. Removing makeup, appling toner, oil cleansing and anything else I need. Great for when you have to sneeze and can't get to the TP in time. Child has a booboo, use one of the pads to gently clean it up. I set my toothbrush on one, keep my facial oil on another and use them to mop up little spills. I lather them up and wash my face or I use them to remove the face mask gunk when its dry. Then I toss them in the wash. Pull them out of the dryer and just hand flatten them. I suppose I could iron them but why?

I keep mine in a little bowl, right next to my sink. They truly are the right size for so many different applications. Plus, they are zero waste. Reusable and washable, you will get so many uses out of these little guys.

The 20 squares measure approximately 3 3/4 x 3 3/4 inches each. They are stitched with a sturdy zigzag pattern and fray a little on the edges for so they are nice and comfy to use. And they are now available on the site!

Till next time

My bathroom counter with my squares!

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